Developer friendly platform with powerful integrations

We integrate with your daily calendars such as Outlook, Google Apps, Office 365, Exchange and more...

Integrate with your daily calendar

Integrate with your daily calendar

SMAC Meeting Room integrated with the most popular calendar systems in the world. You won't have to learn yet another software. SMAC Meeting Room syncs with your existing calendars systems, so meeting schedules are always up to date. Schedule meetings, rooms, invite attendees all in one place.

Integrate with Office Systems Apps

SMAC Meeting Room App booking system is highly popular worldwide for its user-friendly interface and modern design, making the booking of a room directly on the touch screen panel at the meeting room door quick and easy. The system can be integrated into Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 systems. It works on Android and iOS devices and features a number of great functions which enable effective management and planning of meetings.
Integrate with Office Systems Apps

Why Integration is So Important

Raise Room Usage

Meetings allows you to set up and manage meeting room bookings in order to maximise usage, efficiency and collaboration.

Calendar Integration

Calendar add-in integration means you can set up meetings, invite attendees, order catering and book resources quickly from within your calendar.

Everything in One Place

Our online portal means that you can book rooms, manage catering and facilities requirements all from one place.

Understand Your Space

Our comprehensive reporting provides data on how often rooms are used and how many people use them. Allowing you to manage your space and overheads.

Missing something?

Are you looking for a special integration not listed or do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.