3 Ways a Meeting Room Management App Improves Meetings

3 Ways a Meeting Room Management App Improves Meetings

A meeting room management app can speed up and simplify the meeting room planning process. When you spend less time scheduling, you can spend more time improving productivity.

According to Harvard business review, the average executive spends in meetings is about 23 hours per week, which is more than half of the usual 40 hours per week. With employees attending so many meetings, scheduling can be a challenge.

Think about it: How much time did you and your staff spend booking appointments and discussing details, just to walk over to the meeting room you supposedly book for a meeting to see another meeting taking place?

Meeting room scheduling should be the easiest part of your day, and with the right technology, it can be done.

Eliminating inefficiency is not only a waste of time but also a waste of money. An estimated $37 billion was wasted on unproductive meetings.

Here are three ways a meeting scheduling app can make manage your meetings easier.

1. Scheduling on the Go

Your employees rarely stay in one place, so you always have the best solution for booking a meeting room. All you have to do is to open the mobile app to find and keep the available meeting room.

With a SMAC Meeting Room App on your phone, you can be anywhere and anytime schedule your meetings. This is ideal for companies where employees work remotely or on-site.

By having an app on your phone, you can still schedule a meeting the next morning to receive more and more notifications so that they can better manage their time and improve work efficiency.

2. Quick Meeting Scheduling

If the office does not have a meeting room reservation system, all you have to do is email the office manager and request a meeting room. Then you have to wait for that person to see your email, check the status of the meeting room, and reply back. You occupy the required space and the required time, play the game back and forth, know when the meeting is held and whether it is suitable for all participants.

The meeting room application eliminates all these connection problems, allowing you to easily access the meeting room. This allows you to schedule meeting details with attendees in real time.

This not only speeds up the planning of the meeting, but also reduces the disorder of the meeting. Once you agree to the time and place, you are done!

3. Syncing and Integration

A piece of paper outside the meeting room is used for manual control of the meeting room. You walk by, register for a meeting, and then return to your desk to email everyone. This creates a huge possibility of human error. What if you make a mistake or remember the time incorrectly? Then it is possible to be distracted between registering and sending emails.

The meeting booking application, by synchronizing with Outlook e-mail, eliminates the risk of errors when making booking. You can easily schedule meetings and invite attendees from one platform.

One of the biggest problems with using calendar tools such as Microsoft Outlook to book a meeting room is that you may have double bookings. The best meeting room management software integrates with the calendar tools for already use to eliminate double bookings.

Get Your Own Meeting Room Management App

If you are wasting time planning and rescheduling meetings, then it is time to implement a meeting room management system. This enables you to plan and manage your meeting room space.

After making the right decision, you can make a spontaneous booking and a one-time booking. This will free up your time to increase productivity and reduce the risk of confusion with attendees.