Enhance your Business Operations Through a Meeting Room Booking App

Enhance your Business Operations Through a Meeting Room Booking App

Scheduling meetings via an app instead of relying on traditional communication modes such as email and phone conversations makes for a more efficient workplace. According to market data By 2025, there will be a projected 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide.

If your company has yet to invest in a meeting room reservation app, now is an excellent time to do so.

Book Meeting Rooms within Second

The Meeting Room App is bringing simplicity to your workday and give you what you need the most when it comes to scheduling meetings and manage room bookings on the go.

You get to see your agenda for the day and info on upcoming meetings.  You can easily search for available meeting rooms across your entire workplace.

When a need for a meeting workspace quickly arises, you can secure the spaces you want just as quickly. With a few taps, you can book a workstation or a meeting room.

Stay forward of your Workday

One mobile app screen inside the palm of your hand maintains you on top of things of each day’s schedule. See all of your bookings in listing form, discover booked workspaces on a ground plan, and adjust or cancellations to bookings as required.

No need to search the workplace for what’s available. An entire overview of free rooms or workstations is one click away. Book the right room or workstation for your next meeting without having to open your laptop or calling your PA or booking coordinator to get it done.

When you need to book a meeting, insert the subject, invite the attendees and let Meeting Room Booking App suggest an available room with the right capacity before you even specify your search.

Extend or End Meetings on the Go

Extend or end meetings directly from your Meeting Room Booking App. If you need more time and the meeting room is still available you can do a quick meeting extension to ensure you get the effect from the meeting that you need.

Or you can simply end the meeting, the moment you are finished to ensure the best possible utilization of your facilities.

In both situations, you can do that from the Mobile App without having to go to the meeting room display. This is truly easy to use when and where you need it.

Fully Integrated with the Calendar Platform

The app improves visibility and makes sure employees get the most out of the existing calendar in rooms and spaces. The app makes room booking easier than ever for employees on the fly while everything is still integrated with the entire workspace.

Meeting room utilization and overall settings are automatically integrated and used by the Mobile App. No need for new configuration or stressful deployment. This makes setup and configuration easy, and you’ll be up and running in seconds.