6 Challenges you can Overcome Using a SMAC Meeting Room Booking System

6 Challenges you can Overcome using a SMAC Meeting Room Booking System

Meeting is an integral part of business operations, and with it comes the need to set up and attend meetings on a regular basis. Since any organization will hold a large number of meetings, proper management of existing meeting rooms is essential. Due to the limited number of meeting rooms, the company must establish an effective meeting room management system to avoid wasting time, overbooking and other annoying problems.

For this reason, more and more companies choose to use Meeting Room Booking System in their office spaces. These powerful tools make it easy to room book and solve common booking problems.

Overcome These Common Challenges with a Meeting Room Booking System

1. Receptionist’s confusion about booking while on vacation

Many organizations hire receptionists for meeting room booking management. Unfortunately, this may lead to confusion on days when the usual receptionist is on leave and the reliever is unfamiliar with routines. As a result, double or phantom bookings and other issues tend to arise.

2. Room booking reservation preference

Another problem that can be avoided by giving employees direct access to room reservations is reservation preference. Although this is generally considered professional negligence, it is the first choice when booking a room, especially if there is only the person responsible for the reservation management.

3. Quick or short-notice meetings

Short or urgent meetings are common, especially in fast-growing companies. In this case, you need to book a free meeting room quickly. Fortunately, with the help of a comprehensive meeting room management system, employees can view and book available meeting rooms on the go. Whether in the office or on-site.

4. External hardware purchase

Using meeting room booking system now no need to hire receptionist for meeting room booking management. Benefits of SMAC Meeting Room booking system is you have no need to purchase any hardware you need a just any phone or tablet device of Android or iOS.

5. Meetings that take longer than expected

Some meetings are always far beyond the stipulated time. In this case, the parties concerned cannot simply interrupt the ongoing conversation to notify the management of the extension.

6. Attend the meeting on time

Regardless of whether people are late, have technical problems, or schedule appointments for too long, appointments tend to be excessive. Meeting Room Booking system are ensure everyone attends the meeting on time, by scheduling in people’s calendars with alert notifications five or ten minutes before the designated start time.


All in all, for companies that want to increase productivity before and during meetings, meeting room booking system are absolutely essential. If you have not implemented this technology in your workplace, we have extensive experience in this area and would be happy to help you.