Introducing SMAC Meeting Room Booking App

Introducing SMAC Meeting Room and More Ways to Manage Booking

The “best of breed” strategy is an increasingly popular approach when it comes to choosing and supporting today’s workplace. Its effectiveness is limited, however, if your employee can’t access their meeting workplace where, when, and how they need them. We’re introducing SMAC Meeting Room Apps to change that.

SMAC Meeting Room App gives access to best-of-breed applications throughout your meeting workflow, to be more efficient and effective before, during and after your meetings, helping to organize your meeting booking strategy and enhance meeting room productivity.

No need to purchase any external hardware. Only required Android/iOS Mobile/Tablet/iPad.

What are SMAC Meeting Room App?

SMAC Meeting Room booking app provides you a large space for a meeting room. Reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking systems into the workplace. The SMAC meeting Room gives time to schedule meetings and manage meeting rooms and visitors also. We provide software for your meeting room and conference room.

The benefits of Meeting Booking App

  • Easy to use technology
    If you are on the go and need to call a meeting, you can simply use this app to input the time and place where this event will be happening. When a meeting is already booked in a specific time and location, the entire organization will receive notification via a red signal light  isplayed on the room booking tablet hanging outside the meeting room. However, if that room is still available, the signal on the room tablet will glow green instead. As you can see, the entire system is quite easy to visualize and understand.
  • Less wasted time and money
    Employees who know where their meeting is located and that the meeting room is booked properly will not waste time on finding a room, which in the end saves money.
  • Get Personal
    A great way to reach out to individual people is by using the SMAC Meeting Room Client app. This smart app allows you to manage the booking of meeting rooms from your smartphone. The application also allows you to send invitations to specific employees who need to be part of the meeting.
  • Room Scheduling at Your Fingertips
    You can book a meeting directly on the touch screen panel at the meeting room door, on your mobile on your way to work. The centralized and digitized system will make sure you know which meeting room in your company is available, which room is booked at the moment and which events and activities are planned.

Features of SMAC Meeting Room App

  • Quick Meeting Book
  • Meeting Room Status
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Manage Meeting via Mobile App
  • End and Extend Meetings
  • No External Hardware

Ready to use Meeting Room App?

If you’re interested in purchasing your own meeting room booking system from a company that is reliable and competitively priced, then visit our price pages for more information.